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Words of Light. If you wish to affilate with us/me send an e-mail to here. Make sure the subject is 'Affilate'

Welcome to Inukai's Wolf Pack, this website is made by Inukai(Me) and hosted by Free Web Space. This website is devoted in it's entirety to wolves. For now if you have any comments/questions/suggestions e-mail me at webmaster@inukaipack.fws1.com.


Been a while since I've updated. I've been busy with a lot of things. Well, I'm wishin' all of you a Happy Late Valentine's Day!

-=-=- Inukai 02/15/06

Forums are up and running now. That's all of the pages, I think. But, there is still more to come soon

-=-=- Inukai 01/27/06

Finally the Animation page is up, all that's left is the Forum, which shouldn't take to long

-=-=- Inukai 01/26/06

This should've been in the previous updates, but anyway, I've added a flash logo, and updated the color scheme to match the logo, tell me what you think, I have also finished the Picture pages. Also, I have updated the input area to be a little more detailed when submitting pictures.

-=-=-Inukai 01/24/06

*Sigh* Bad news, the buttons are down for now. However, the Pictures page is under construction, you can see it by clicking the Pictures link

-=-=-Inukai 01/23/06

Stories page and hitcounter. Both done today. Also added input page for submitting

-=-=-Inukai 1/15/06

We now have the poetry page up and running. You can now visit this page via the Poems button

-=-=-Inukai 1/14/06

Day 1! Well, as you can see, only the main page of the site is up, for now. If you look at the buttons you can see that we are going to have poem, flash, pictures, stories and a forum. But for now, just the main page.

-=-=-Inukai Date Unknown

Coming soon, log-in information!